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FYSE-113: The Nuclear Age

Small group keywords to search with

Use these terms to help choose which collection to search and to do the search once you've chosen.

Search tip: use quotation marks around a phrase to keep words together.

  • Groups 1 & 4: "African American" (pair with nuclear or another search term to focus)
  • Groups 2 & 5: "Lucky Dragon" (pair with nuclear or another search term if needed)
  • Groups 3 & 6: protest (pair with nuclear or another search term if needed)

Major collections of digitized primary sources

These collections bring together sources from many institutions, so you can search materials from multiple places at once. Because they are multi-subject, you'll want to try keywords that reflect your focus (e.g., nuclear, atomic, "civil defense") to find relevant resources.

Collections about nuclear technologies and culture

Collections organized around specific sites

Newspapers and Magazines for The Nuclear Age

These databases have collections of newspapers published generally pre-1990, often digitized from print or microfilm. They are searchable, but be aware that the results won't be as accurate as born-digital newspapers.

Press by and for members of social identity groups

Alternative, independent, and grassroots press

Press from outside the U.S.

Collections organized around social identity

Media Collections