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SPAN-301: Literature & Culture of the Hispanic World

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Some Anthologies

Call numbers

PQ7100 - Mexico

PQ7361- West Indies

PQ7370- Cuba 

PQ7400- 7410 - Dominican Republic

PQ7420- PQ7442  Puerto Rico

PQ7471- Central America,  (General) 

PQ7480-  Costa Rica 

PQ7490-  Guatemala 

PQ7500   Honduras 

PQ7510- Nicaragua 

PQ7520- Panama  

PQ7530- El Salvador

PQ7551- South America

PQ7660- Argentina

PQ7880-  Bolivia

PQ7880- Brazil (Spanish language literature in)

PQ7990- Chile

PQ8160- Colombia 

PQ8200- Ecuador

PQ8250  Paraguay

PQ8300  Peru

PQ8510- Uruguay

PQ8530- Venezuela