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Teaching for Writing Transfer in First-Year Seminars

A guide to "writing transfer" - or the ability to repurpose writing knowledge and approaches to new contexts. Designed for FYSE faculty who wish to frame their writing instruction around writing transfer as a learning goal for their students. Teaching for


this page will offer a menu of ways to use reflection in the process of developing transfer and building metacognition.

include link to Sweetland page on reflection: - maybe point to specific types of reflection activities.

"cover letter"

reflection for diverse learners


Inclusive Teaching Considerations

  • Students will arrive with a range of reflection skills, so make your expectations explicit, and look for progress through the course.
  • Because it is a culturally situated form, reflection will look different for different students. For instance, students may be more or less comfortable with objective distance and writing about one’s self.
  • Reflection may make students feel vulnerable or exposed, especially those who feel marginalized or under stereotype threat.
  • Some students have already learned how to perform what looks like reflection, so ask questions to get them to dig deeper.