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LLAS 200

Developing a research guide on a topic of your choosing

You might choose to develop a research guide on your own on a topic of your choosing. Some of the "pages" of the research guide might be:

Databases- 1-2 databases relevant to research on the topic

Journals - 1-2 specific journal titles publishing research on the topic

Reference Works - 1 reference book related to their topic

Books - 1-3 books related to their topic

Media/ News - 1-2 media or news sources

Primary Sources - 1-2 primary sources (one of these could be from our visit to the Archives)

You would need to provide annotations for each of the resources you include (brief description of resource; why the resource is useful for research in this topic). You could also reflect on the library's LLAS research guide and think about whether any of the resources from your project should be added to the guide. 


Here are some examples of "topic" guides that could get you thinking about how to structure your own project:


Racial Justice Resource Guide