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Black Studies Research Guide

Digital Primary Sources in Black Studies

This guide highlights digital collectionsFor tips and resources on finding non-digital primary source collections, visit the Primary Sources Research Guide.

Multi-subject collections

Collections organized by geography

Collections organized around abolition and enslavement

Collections organized around the U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Collections organized around events, experiences or social identities

What is a primary source?

A primary source is a record or artifact from a given era that provides original documentary evidence of the time—like a snapshot of an experience, taken by someone who was there.

Secondary sources, such as books or articles, often draw on primary sources to interpret a period under study.

The video below, "What are Primary Sources?" from the University of Guelph Library, offers a quick overview of what primary sources are.

How do I start searching for primary sources?

The video below, "Finding Primary Sources: Background Research" from the University of Guelph Library, can help you connect what you already know about your topic to your search.