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SWAG-365: Reading the Romance


Working with your group, look at the sources in the box below. Then, consider the following questions:

  • What kind of sources are you looking at? Can you access the full versions of these sources using the links provided?
  • How do these sources relate to themes, ideas, or other work you've examined in this class? What do you imagine the topic or research question might be if you were incorporating all of these sources into your paper?
  • What kind of “work” do you think these sources would do in a research paper like the one you've been assigned? (you might revisit the BEAM framework to think through this question, but it's also OK to think of other ways of categorizing these!). 
  • What useful keywords do you see coming up in the item record, abstract, or as you skim parts of the text?
  • Do these resources direct you to other potentially useful articles, books, or resources? How?

Reviewing your proposals

Look at the sources you've identified in your proposals. For each source, consider:

  • What kind of work is this source doing for you?
  • What aspect of your proposal/ research questions does this source help to address?

Now, skim your proposal, and consider:

  • Where are the gaps in your understanding of your topic? What kinds of sources might you turn to to address those gaps (ie, newspaper articles, book reviews, scholarly journal articles, etc.).  You might take a look at the resources linked on the tabs on the left to identify appropriate sources as next steps.


Takeaways/ What you still need to know