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History - Africa and the Diaspora Research Guide

Digitized Archival Collections

Find primary sources for History in the following collections. You may also want to check the Primary Sources Research Guide for more information on searching for sources in archives, in the library catalog, and on the Internet. 

Digitized Archival Collections

These collections usually contain different kinds of sources (e.g., images, newsletters, pamphlets, maps, reports) relevant to a common subject.

Country-Specific Sources

Historical Newspapers and Periodicals

Tip: What are primary sources?

A primary source is essentially any record or artifact from a given era that provides original documentary evidence of the time—like a snapshot of a given experience, taken by someone who was there. Secondary sources, such as books or articles, often draw heavily from primary sources, such as letters, diaries, or interviews, to make representations or interpretations of a period under study.

A few examples of primary sources include diaries, photographs, letters, government documents, and newspaper and magazine articles (from the period under study).

Want to learn more? Visit the Primary Sources Research Guide.