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PSYC-228: Abnormal Psychology

Empirical Research Articles: How to find them

These articles report original research or studies (actual observations or experiments), rather than theoretical developments or methodological approaches. You can identify them in several ways:

  • keywords: look for “study,” “empirical,” or mentions of participants, observations, methods/measurements
  • structure: usually includes introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections
  • publication: should be in an academic or professional journal, rather than in popular magazines or newspapers

PsycINFO is a good first place to check! This database contains scholarly journals that publish empirical research articles.

Tip: Peer-reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed articles are:

  • written by experts in the field
  • assessed for validity and scholarly rigor by other experts in the field (peer review)
  • published in scholarly journals

Filtering Your Results

Methodology filter

On the Advanced Search page, you can scroll down to Methodology and select EMPIRICAL STUDY to narrow your search: