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Image Research Guide

Find Digital Images in our Collections

Amherst College Library subscribes to a variety of image databases, and is the home of Amherst College Digital Collections (ACDC), a repository of images, texts, videos, and more from the Amherst College Archives & Special Collections and Art & Architecture Collection.

Access digital images through these library databases or online resources:

Find Digital Images Online

There are many online image resources. Some of the most robust include:

Searching for images online

Better Image Searching Online

Google Advanced Image Search allows you to narrow your search by size, color, type of media, and more. You can also search for an image using another image as your search query instead of text, called a reverse image search (see below).

Other online image search engines:

Reverse Image Search

If you've found an image but forgot or don't know where it came from, try the reverse image search function on TinEye and Google Images. This allows you to upload an image and see where else it appears online.

Searching for images in the library collections